A Nationwide Drain Liquid Waste Management Service Provider

Liquid Waste Management, Hazardous Waste and Drain Maintenance.

Liquid Waste

We stay up-to-date with the changing hazardous material rules and appropriate EPA regulations. Our experienced and highly trained technicians and staff who are specialist’s in liquid waste management are available to assist you in a variety of situations. Tank and Drain strives to provide the highest level of customer service and support, including timely response, easy pick-up notification and assistance.

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks need emptying on an annual basis to avoid blockages and system failure. We provide full septic tank emptying and cleaning service.

> Septic Tanks

Oil Interceptors

Full oil interceptor (Class 1 and 2), oil water separator, truck and car wash pit, grit chamber, silt trap and fuel bund area cleaning service.

> Oil Interceptors

Tank Cleaning

Full cleaning service for all tank types. Septic tank cleaning, water reservoir cleaning, pumping station cleaning and fire water pond cleaning.

> Tank Cleaning

Waiste Oil

Collection of waste engine oil, hydralic oil, diesel, transformer oil, lubricating oil.

> Waiste Oil

Oil Spill Clean Up

Nationwide 24 hour emergency response service.

> Oil Spill Clean Up


Jet vacuum for removal of sludges, including a 26000lt articulated tanker for bulk haulage.

> Sludges

Marine Services

Collection and Treatment of waste oil, bilge water, grey water and sewage.

> Marine Services