A Nationwide Drain Maintenance Service Provider

Liquid Waste Management, Hazardous Waste and Drain Maintenance.


Specialist in sludges and liquid waste management, providing a cost effective solution to septic tanks, tank cleaning, oil spill clean up, sludges and marine services.

Sludges Services

  • Jet vacuum tankers for the removal of sludges including a 26000lt articulated tanker for bulk haulage.
  • Deep lifting facility for the removal of sludges from pits, wells and pumping stations.
  • Collection and treatment of grease trap waste, septic tank waste, oily sludge, chemical sludge, waste water treatment plant sludge, water reservoir sludge.
  • All waste consigned to EPA licesened treatment facilities.
  • Nationwide service.
  • Waste consigned to EPA Licensed Treatment facility for authorised disposal under C1 Form (Transport of Hazardous Waste).
  • Authorised in collecting all types of sludge, nationwide, under Waste Collection Permit MWCPO-14-11379-01.

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