Bund Test Service

A bund test service involve the testing and inspection of containment bunds or secondary containment systems. Bunds are barriers or containment structures designed to prevent the release of hazardous substances, such as chemicals or oil, in the event of a leak or spill from primary storage tanks, drums, or other containers. Regular bund testing is essential to verify the integrity and effectiveness of secondary containment systems.

A bund area is a containment structure constructed around or under tank and vessels which holds liquids that are hazardous and will protect the environment should a leak or spill occur.

Ageing tank bunds that may be defective should be tested annually also your EPA discharge license will require you to test Bunds every three years. We regularly carry out electronic hydrotesting of bund areas. The leading standard for bund integrity testing is EN1610. This complies with environmental protection agency 010607-22-RP-001 B guidance note on storage and transfer of materials for scheduled activities.

Following those tests that fail, we can provide an assessment and recommendations for any rehabilitation required and depending on the nature of the material in the tanks we will recommend the appropriate sealant.


The EPA discharge license will require you to test Bunds every three years.

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