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Summer has finally arrived and is meant to be a time for relaxing, so here are some of the drainage problems in the summer and its fixes to help make your weekends a bit more relaxing and enjoyable.

Clogged Toilets: Whether you are having BBQs or you have your children home during the summer, your toilets are going to be used more often, it is always useful teaching them how much toilet tissue is okay to use to avoid the experience of blocked toilets.

Damaged Sprinkler Heads: Check the sprinkler heads that could get damaged in the grass. If you have a broken sprinkler head and you don’t realise, you will both be wasting water and that your grass could die.

Clogged Drain: You may experience slow shower drainage particularly in the summer months. To avoid this it is important to regularly clear away any built up hair and dirt from the shower drain.

Washing Machine Problems: Your washing machine load is bound to build up during summer, especially if you have children home. One problem to try and avoid, is to check if your washing machine hose is leaking.

Clogged Pipes: During the summer periods, trees grow at a quicker compared to the winter months. This can cause tree root blockages in our drains and sewers, and you will need for the assistance of a drain cleaning services company.

Regular drain cleaning services are recommended to ensure you don’t run into any drain problems. If you are facing any drainage services this summer contact us today. Here at Tank and Drain Services we are available 24/7 and will be more than happy to solve summer drainage problems for you.

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