When you experience blocked drains, your first idea would be to use a drain cleaner. We are here to help bring light the information you need to know about chemical drain cleaners.

If you ask around different drainage companies, they will generally decide against the use of do it yourself drain cleaners. This happens due to the fact that the drain cleaner chemicals can cause more problems than you realise, ended up costing you more money and time to fix the problem.

The use of drain cleaner might not be noticeable straight away, but over time will gradually build up causing problems.

Drain cleaner liquid can melt plastic drainage pipes in some cases and can gradually corrode metal pipes with the constant use of these chemicals.

You should never fix a toilet blockage with a drain cleaner unblocker. The chemicals can attach themselves to the porcelain, which can cause it to heat up and crack.

The fumes from the chemical drain cleaner are not healthy to breathe in and they linger for a while around the location where the cleaner was used.

The chemicals are also harmful to the environment and are capable of poisoning the wildlife.

If your chemical drain cleaners don’t work and your drains still blocked, contact Tank and Drain Services. We are here to help and we always provide an exceptional service.