Don’t be caught out this Bank Holiday Weekend with blocked drains and overflowing grease trap. If you’ve ever had a restaurant shut down because the grease trap was backing up into the kitchen or overflowing in the parking you already know the value of preventative maintenance for your grease trap and drain cleaning.

Another way to avoid needing emergency service is to have a preventative maintenance program that includes annual hydro-jetting of your lines or floor drains from inside the restaurant to the grease trap.  Food particles and grease adhere to the outer walls of your drainage system which can slow down water flow, and ultimately case a backup. An annual high-pressure line jetting greatly reduces this possibility.

What happens when your grease trap exceeds its capacity?  The trap can no longer stop the FOG and even worse, if the grease trap is not properly maintained, over time it will create a grease build-up in the lines that will result in a back up that may shut down your restaurant.

The crisis does not stop there.  When your grease trap backs up into the kitchen, the materials end up on your floor, and leave a bacterial residue which can be transferred by employees simply placing a box on the floor and then picking it up to set on a prep area. This could ultimately be used as a surface for food prep – thus cross contamination occurs.

When leadership and employees have a clear understanding of what actions create grease build-ups and back-ups, they are more likely to follow the procedures to avoid them. If you are having an emergency, Tank and Drain Services offer an excellent service and highly trained operatives to carry out all work guaranteeing the best solutions using the latest technology. Contact us today!