Oil Interceptors

Are specialized devices used to intercept and remove oil, grease, and other hydrocarbon contaminants from wastewater before it enters the drainage system or the environment. Oil interceptor services involve the installation, maintenance, and cleaning of these devices.

Regular maintenance and service of oil interceptors is recommended to prevent the overflow and contamination of drainage systems. We  provide a full oil interceptor (Class 1 and 2), oil water separator, truck and car wash pit, grit chamber, silt trap and fuel bund area cleaning service. A ADR specification Jet Vacuum Tankers for sludge removal and chamber wash down. Clearing of blockages in inlet and outlet pipes. A full garage forecourt service of drains and oil/petrol interceptors. Interceptor inspections and repairs. Inspection and replacement of filters. Jet vacuum tankers carry clean water for recharging interceptor chambers.

A fully trained personnel in the cleaning and recharging of Klargester, BMS, Bioflow and other manufacturer units. Some advice from qualified Civil Engineer and Environmental Scientist. Waste consigned to EPA Licensed Treatment facility for authorised disposal under C1 Form (Transport of Hazardous Waste). Authorised in collecting oily waste and sludge, nationwide, under Waste Collection Permit MWCPO-14-11379-02.


Oil interceptors are essential pollution control devices that can assist sites in managing their environmental risks.

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