Oil Spill Clean Up

Oil spill clean-up is the process of removing spilled oil from water bodies, shorelines, or other affected areas, and mitigating the environmental impact caused by the spill. Oil spills can occur as a result of accidents, leaks, or intentional discharges, and they pose serious risks to ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. 

We are experts in oil spill clean up offering a large fleet of ADR jet vacuum road tankers. Full compliment of oil absorbent booms, pads and other materials. Ability to clean up all petroleum related spills such as petrol, diesel, kerosene and engine oils. Cleaning and CCTV survey of affected drains. Knowledge of watercourses and aquifers. Construction of temporary stream and river weirs. Proven track record in oil spill response. Management of spill clean up operation by qualified Environmental Scientist and Civil Engineer.

Tank and Drain Services technical experts are fully trained and have the ability in oil spill response and clean up and all waste consigned to EPA Licensed Treatment facility for authorised disposal. 


Tank and Drain Services provide rapid response to any spill incidents.

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