Waste Oil

Waste oil service include the collection, recycling, and proper disposal of used or waste oil generated from various sources. Our technicians specialise in the handling and management of waste oil to ensure it’s safe and environmentally friendly treatment.

Tank and Drain Services team will safely collect and transport the used oil for disposal in a responsible method as waste oil may contain hazardous materials, and could be toxic, it has to be disposed of correctly.

Our services include the collection of waste engine oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, transformer oil, lubricating oil. Collection from garages, factories, marinas, ships, airports, ports. Waste consigned to EPA Licensed Treatment facility for authorised disposal under C1 Form (Transport of Hazardous Waste). Authorised in collecting waste oils, nationwide, under Waste Collection Permit MWCPO-14-11379-02.


Waste oil is oil that has never been used because it has been compromised and is now unsuitable for its original purpose.

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