Leaking drains are a serious problem. Leak big and small can cause damage to building work and the foundations.

Unless you know how to avoid expensive treatments. Drain relining, known as no dig technology, is often the perfect solution bringing many benefits over some of the more traditional options.


But what is No-Dig technology? Drain relining (no-dig technology) is a process that involves creating a new internal wall for the affected piping. This makes the system leakproof while sacrificing only a tiny percentage of the maximum flow levels, it does so without needing to replace the broken piping.

This procedure can save both time and money. The project can be completed without the need to dig around in search of the broken parts being a better solution due to the direct benefits. No need to worry about reinstatement after the excavations.

How Are Drain Relining Processes Completed? Drain relining is composed of several stages. The first one is to locate where the leak is occurring, that it will give you a fairly accurate estimation. Modern tech allows us to investigate the drainage system with CCTV cameras.

This step allows to check the severity and size of the problem. When the affected areas cover a space of centimetres rather than metres, the relining is ideal.

Before fitting the pipe, the surface needs to be cleaned. The silt and sediment that has accumulated could make it difficult for the new lining to take. 

A bladder is inserted to cover the source of the leak. This is then inflated so that it can bond with the clean pipe surface to become a sealant. This will create a new internal wall for the pipe, stopping all leaks and preventing further damage to the previously affected area.

Once the new bladder is in place, cctv cameras will be used to check that the entire leak is covered. We’ll also test to see that water can flow through the fixed piping without disruption or leakages in other parts of the system.

How Long Does It Take to fix it? The entire job can often be completed within a couple of hours, including every step from investigations to reviews.

Do I Need To Know Anything Else? The drain relining process isn’t only a good way to fix leaks. The CCTV surveys will spot building blockages before they turn into a serious problem. The results will last just as long as any normal pipework. Relining is a non-intrusive plumbing solution that is built to last.

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