As the Easter break gets closer we are here to remind customers to not use the sink as a bin. Easter is the time when families get together and celebrate over a meal.

If you are planning to roast this Easter remember that gravy or FOGs fats, oil and greases should never be poured down the sink. Pouring waste cooking liquids down the sink may seem like the obvious alternative but it is not.

When these items enter the sewer network they can often form congealed lumps that block the pipes and combined with wipes and hair and dental floss results in the formation of fatbergs.

Removing fatbergs and blockages from sewers and cleaning up overflows is a dirty job with nasty consequences and it is so easy to prevent.

Wet wipes with chocolate Easter eggs should be always disposed into the bin and not down the loo.

Most people dispose of food items down the kitchen sink. Everybody can engage to prevent blockages.

A lot of sewer blockages happen more often during holiday periods. Here at Tank and Drain Services we always have our team ready to deal with. Anytime you have a sewage issue especially over the Bank Holiday weekend please contact us.