Concrete blockages or “concretebergs” are one of the most difficult drainage-related problems to solve. A concreteberg is a large mass of building material that accumulates in the drain as a result of concrete, cement and grout being poured down  the drain before solidifying, causing serious blockages that can not be removed without manual excavation and also can damage the drainage infrastructure.

This concretebergs are difficult to get rid of, especially when the concrete sets against the brickwork found in older sewer systems.

This happens purely by accident or as a result of carelessness on the part of tradespeople and home renovators working.

Smaller blockages can also occur when tradespeople clean cement off their tools and equipment and pour the washout water into drains and gullies, resulting in the material congealing and forming into solid masses within the pipes.

The concrete often ends up accidentally getting into the drains and sewers during the piling and pouring of the foundations, which plays a big role in the formation of concretebergs.

It is essential that professionals ensure they are properly analysing and mapping the drain and sewer networks beneath building sites, before starting the piling and laying of concrete foundations.

At Tank and Drain services we can remove concrete from drains of all shapes and sizes, and we always find the best solution for your drainage issues.