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To avoid many of the common drainage related issues, you must first understand a bit more about the standard house drainage system. The drainage system’s most important feature is to carry away used water to the sewage system.

The closer to a vertical pipe your drainage system is, the faster and easier it will flow away. As this is often difficult to achieve in standard household architecture, most drain pipes are at an angle to keep the used water flowing to the sewage constantly. A horizontal drain pipe usually gets blocked by soap and grease residues and causes issues, such as slower water drains and eventually build up to a blockage.

It is easy to understand how the drainage system works. It functions entirely with the help of gravity and all water appliances, all sinks and toilets within your house are connected with pipes.

Most of your home drainage problems are easy to spot, and you can easily prevent them from turning into a massive water issue by being caught on time.

Some of the common drainage problems you could been facing are:

Clogged drains: If your drain is blocked or starts emitting bad smells, you must unclog it to avoid creating a more serious problem.

Wet spots on the lawn: The natural soil and grass may cause water pooling. This can be avoided by repurposing your lawn to a small pond or a dry well as holding tanks for the excess water.

Overflowing gutters: If your gutters are overflowing, it is time to clean them. When not maintained properly your gutters become the home of fallen leaves and sometimes small animals. If your gutters are clean then the issue may be an undersized gutter, dislocated gutter pipes or cracks. 

Downpipe issues: If your downspout cannot handle all the rainwater, this can cause pressure on the foundation of your house or flood your basement. You must relieve it by installing gutter extensions to optimal areas of your garden with the help of a professional drainage company. Need any help? Here at Tank and Drain Services we always provide an exceptional service.

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